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Written a Lost Song?

 It’s Time To Let It Sing!




What is Lost Songs?

The Lost Songs project aims to seek out the very best songs that have been written but never published or recorded, running the risk of being “lost”…

The music industry contributes £15 billion to the world economy. But there would be no industry at all without one core element: the song. Without songwriters and the songs they create, the music industry would not exist.

The song goes way beyond the commercial though; it offers the world a common language. It unites us and evokes our most memorable moments; it is the soundtrack to our lives.

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We believe that out there, somewhere, just waiting to be found, are songs like Lennon’s Imagine, Adele’s Someone Like You, Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, Sheeran’s Thinking Out Loud, and so on.  That is what inspired the Lost Songs project: we want to find them! 

We’re looking for wonderful songs that have not seen the light of day.  Perhaps you never quite had the courage or the right opportunity to submit your own "classic" to anyone; maybe life got in the way somehow, but NOW is the time to let that song sing for itself. 

We will make an album for commercial release from the very best of the submissions we receive. Your song could be one of them!


Rob Chapman Joins Lost Songs

Rob "Chappers" Chapman is the frontman for UK rock band Dorje who recently hit number 1 in the iTunes rock charts with their single Catalyst, founder/owner of Chapman Guitars and an unrelenting Youtuber of epic proportions.

"I am extremely proud to present Lost Songs, such an awesome opportunity for musicians who never thought their music would see the light of day - and with the focus on the song, not the singer, the playing field is really levelled in an exciting way"


So what do I have to do?

If you have the Lost Song that the world needs to hear, here’s what you need to do: 


Watch the clip to see what Lost Songs is about



Read the Terms and Conditions

(you must agree to these before submitting your song)


Upload your song

No queuing round the block at an audition - just sing/play, record, upload to Soundcloud or YouTube and submit the URL. If you’re not a performer yourself, that’s fine, just get a singer to perform it for you; we are looking for the song, not the singer.


Submit your Lost Song to Us

We will acknowledge receipt. If the song submitted reaches Round 2 of the competition, we will be in touch about what happens next.